C.4.2.3 C-MOVE SCP Behavior

This section discusses both the baseline and extended behavior of the C-MOVE SCP.

C. Baseline Behavior of SCP

An SCP conveys the following semantics with a C-MOVE response:

Notes: 1. For retrieval of images with alternate encodings using a C-MOVE request at the Patient, Study, or Series level, the SCP may select the appropriately encoded Instance for the retrieval based on identity of the SCU, transfer syntaxes accepted in the C-STORE Association Negotiation, or other factors.

2. If the association on which the C-MOVE operation was issued is abnormally terminated, then it will not be possible to issue any further pending responses nor a final response, nor will C-MOVE-CANCEL requests be received. The behavior of the C-MOVE SCP acting as a C-STORE SCU is undefined in this condition. Specifically, whether or not any uncompleted C-STORE sub-operations continue is undefined.

C. Extended Behavior of SCP

Extended SCP behavior shall be negotiated at Association establishment time. If an option within the extended behavior is not agreed upon in the negotiation, then only baseline SCP behavior shall be performed with respect to that option. Extended SCP behavior includes all baseline behavior with the following option:

C. Relational-Retrieve

The C-MOVE Service with relational-retrieve removes the restriction that the SCU supply Unique Key values for levels above the Query/Retrieve level to help identify an entity at the level of the retrieval. Hence, the Identifier of a C-MOVE request may specify the transfer of: