C. Required Keys

At each level in the Entity-Relationship Model, a set of Attributes shall be defined as Required Keys. Required Keys imply the SCP of a C-FIND shall support matching based on a value contained in a Required Key of the C-FIND request. Multiple entities may have the same value for Required Keys. That is, a distinct value in a Required Key shall not necessarily identify a single entity at the level of the key.

C-FIND SCPs shall support existence and matching of all Required Keys defined by a Query/Retrieve Information Model. If a C-FIND SCP manages an entity with a Required Key of zero length, the value is considered unknown and all matching against the zero length Required Key shall be considered a successful match.

Required Keys may be contained in the Identifier of a C-FIND request. Required Keys shall not be contained in the Identifier of C-MOVE and C-GET requests.