B.5.1.12 IOL Calculation Storage SOP Class

IOL (intraocular lens) calculation is used in the preoperative assessment of every cataract surgery patient. IOL Calculation SOP Classes support IOL calculation software, which may be located either on ophthalmic axial measurement devices or on a separate computer.

For a device that is both a SCU and a SCP of the IOL Calculation Storage SOP Class, in addition to the behavior for the Storage Service Class specified in B.2.2, the following additional requirements are specified for IOL Calculation Storage SOP Classes:

— A SCP of this SOP Class shall support Level 2 Conformance as defined in Section B.4.1.

Note: This requirement means that all Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Attributes defined in the Information Object Definition and Private Attributes associated with the SOP Class will be stored and may be accessed.