B.2.3 Statuses

Table B.2-1 defines the specific status code values which might be returned in a C-STORE response. General status code values and fields related to status code values are defined in PS 3.7.


Service Status Further Meaning Status Codes Related Fields
Failure Refused: Out of Resources A7xx (0000,0902)
Error: Data Set does not match SOP Class A9xx (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Error: Cannot understand Cxxx (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Warning Coercion of Data Elements B000 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Data Set does not match SOP Class B007 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Elements Discarded B006 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Success 0000 None