This Part of the DICOM Standard specifies the set of Service Class Definitions which provide an abstract definition of real-world activities applicable to communication of digital medical information. For each Service Class Definition, this Part specifies:

— the semantic description of the activities of the Service Class Definition

— the group of DIMSE Service operations and notifications applicable to the Service Class Description

— one or more functionally-related Service-Object Pair (SOP) Classes which are supported by the Service Class Definition and may be performed between peer DICOM Application Entities

— the relationship of each Service-Object Pair (SOP) Classes to applicable Information Object Definitions specified in PS 3.3.

For each Service Class Definition, this Part does not specify:

— any necessary information for the semantic description of the IOD

— relationships to associated real-world objects relevant to the IOD

— attributes which describe the characteristics of the IOD

This Part is related to other parts of the DICOM Standard in that:

— Part 3, Information Object Definitions, specifies the set of Information Object Definitions to which the services defined in this Part may be applied

— Part 5, Data Structure and Semantics, defines the data encoding used in the DIMSE Protocol when applied to IODs defined in this Part

— Part 6, Data Dictionary, contains an index by Tag of all IOD Attributes defined in this Part. This index includes the Value Representation and Value Multiplicity for each Attribute

— Part 7, Message Exchange Protocol, defines the DIMSE Services and Protocol which may be applied to IODs defined in this Part.