F.5.37 Implant directory record definition

The Directory Record is based on the specification of Section F.3. It is identified by a Directory Record Type of Value "IMPLANT". Table F.5-37 lists the set of keys with their associated Types for such a Directory Record Type. The description of these keys may be found in the Generic Implant Template IOD. This Directory Record shall be used to reference a Generic Implant Template SOP Instance.


Key Tag Type Attribute Description
Manufacturer (0008,0070) 1 Name of the manufacturer that produces the implant.
Implant Name (0022,1095) 1 The (product) name of the implant.
Implant Size (0068,6210) 1C The size descriptor of the component. Required if present in the referenced instance.
Implant Part Number (0022,1097) 1 The (product) identifier of the implant.

Note: Because (0004,1511) Referenced SOP Instance UID in File may be used as a "pseudo" Directory Record Key (See Table F.3-3), it is not duplicated in this list of keys.