F.5.27 Spectroscopy directory record definition

The Directory Record is based on the specification of Section F.3. It is identified by a Directory Record Type of Value "SPECTROSCOPY." Table F.5-27 lists the set of keys with their associated Types for such a Directory Record Type. The description of these keys may be found in the Modules related to the Spectroscopy IE of Spectroscopy IODs. This Directory Record shall be used to reference a Spectroscopy SOP Instance. This type of Directory Record may reference a Lower-Level Directory Entity that includes one or more Directory Records as defined in Table F.4-1.


Key Tag Type Attribute Description
Specific Character Set (0008,0005) 1C Required if an extended or replacement character set is used in one of the keys.
Image Type (0008,0008) 1
Content Date (0008,0023) 1
Content Time (0008,0033) 1
Instance Number (0020,0013) 1
Referenced Image Evidence Sequence (0008,9092) 1C Required if present in the spectroscopy instance. One or more Items shall be included in this sequence.
>Include '’Hierarchical SOP Instance Reference Macro' Table C.17-3
Number of Frames (0028,0008) 1
Rows (0028,0010) 1
Columns (0028,0011) 1
Data Point Rows (0028,9001) 1
Data Point Columns (0028,9002) 1
Icon Image Sequence (0088,0200) 3 This Icon Image is representative of the Spectroscopy instance. Only a single Item is permitted in this Sequence.
>Include Image Pixel Macro Table C.7-11b See Section F.7 of this Part.
Any other Attribute of the Spectroscopy IE Modules 3

Note: Because Referenced SOP Instance UID in File (0004,1511) may be used as a "pseudo" Directory Record Key (See Table F.3-3), it is not duplicated in this list of keys.