F.3.2.1 File-set Identification Module


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
File-set ID (0004,1130) 2 User or implementation specific Identifier (up to 16 characters). For definition, see PS 3.10. The File-set ID is intended to be a short human readable label to easily (but not necessarily uniquely) identify a specific File-set to facilitate operator manipulation of the physical media on which the File-set is stored. Assignment of Value and semantics are environment specific.
File-set Descriptor File ID (0004,1141) 3 ID of a File (in the same File-set) used for user comments related to the File-set (e.g. a readme file). The Specific Character set used may be specified in the Specific Character Set of the File-set Descriptor File (0004,1142). Note: This File is not DICOM formatted (no Preamble, nor DICM Prefix and Meta Information).
Specific Character Set of File-set Descriptor File (0004,1142) 1C Character set used in the File-set Descriptor File with a File ID as specified in File-set Descriptor File ID (0004,1141). Required to specify the expanded or replacement character set. If absent, only the Basic Graphic set is used. See C. for Defined Terms.

Note: Every File-set is assigned a File-set UID when created. The File-set UID need not be duplicated as a Type 1 Attribute of the File-set Identification Module. It is conveyed as the SOP Instance UID of the Basic Directory IOD. It is included in the DICOMDIR File Meta Information (See PS 3.10)