C.9.3 Multi-frame Overlay Module

Table C.9-3 specifies the Attributes of a Multi-frame overlay.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Number of Frames in Overlay (60xx,0015) 1 Number of Frames in Overlay. Required if Overlay data contains multiple frames.
Image Frame Origin (60xx,0051) 3 Frame number of Multi-frame Image to which this overlay applies; frames are numbered from 1.

C.9.3.1 Multi-Frame Overlay Attribute Descriptions

C. Number of frames in overlay

A Multi-frame Overlay is defined as an Overlay whose overlay data consists of a sequential set of individual Overlay frames. A Multi-frame Overlay is transmitted as a single contiguous stream of overlay data. Frame delimiters are not contained within the data stream.

Each individual frame shall be defined (and thus can be identified) by the Attributes in the Overlay Plane Module (see C.9.2).

The total number of frames contained within a Multi-frame Overlay is conveyed in the Number of Frames in Overlay (60xx,0015).

The frames within a Multi-frame Overlay shall be conveyed as a logical sequence. If Multi-frame Overlays are related to a Multi-frame Image, the order of the Overlay Frames are one to one with the order of the Image frames. Otherwise, no attribute is used to indicate the sequencing of the Overlay Frames. If Image Frame Origin (60xx,0051) is present, the Overlay frames are applied one to one to the Image frames, beginning at the indicated frame number . Otherwise, no attribute is used to indicated the sequencing of the Overlay Frames.

The Number of Frames in Overlay (60xx,0015) plus the Image Frame Origin (60xx,0051) minus 1 shall be less than or equal to the total number of frames in the Multi-frame Image.