C. Fixed Beam Line

The direction of fixed beam-line can be described as a gantry system, provided that the position of the (virtual) gantry bearing is defined. The relation between their patient support coordinate system axes and the choice of the ‘gantry’ angle, e.g. 90 or 270 deg, shall be consistent with a standard gantry coordinate system. All coordinate systems derived from the IEC GANTRY coordinate system (BEAM LIMITING DEVICE, WEDGE, X-RAY IMAGE RECEPTOR) automatically follow in the same way as defined in a ‘real’ gantry system.

The IEC PATIENT SUPPORT system is linked to the IEC GANTRY coordinate system through its common parent system, the IEC FIXED coordinate system. The Y-axis of IEC GANTRY points towards the (virtual) gantry bearing. The Y-axis of the IEC FIXED coordinate system has to point in the same direction. Z-axis in IEC FIXED coordinate system is always pointing upwards. With Y and Z-axes defined, the X-axis of IEC FIXED is also given.

Figure C.8.8.25-2 shows IEC FIXED (F), GANTRY (G) and PATIENT SUPPORT (S) coordinate systems for a horizontal fixed beam-line.


Figure C.8.8.25-2 Fixed Beam Line