C. Beam Level

The value of Specified Primary Meterset (3008,0032) shall be the value specified by the Beam Meterset (300A,0086) in the corresponding Fraction Group of the referenced RT Plan. The referenced RT Plan is found in the Referenced RT Plan Sequence (300C,0002), and within this plan the Fraction Group is found using the Referenced Fraction Group Number (300C,0022) in this module. The Beam is found in the referenced RT Plan using the Referenced Beam Number (300C,0006) in the same item of the Treatment Session Beam Sequence (3008,0020) as the Specified Primary Meterset (3008,0032).

The value of Delivered Primary Meterset (3008,0036) shall be the accumulated value of the delivered meterset across all Control Points, which is recorded in this item of the Treatment Session Beam Sequence (3008,0020).

Note that, for example, when a partial treatment has occurred and resumption(s) have been delivered which complete delivery of all control points remaining, the sum of the Delivered Primary Meterset (3008,0036) values in all RT Beams Session Records for the beam in question and the fraction being treated will match the specified meterset for the whole fraction.