C. Exposure Sequence

The Exposure Sequence (3002,0030) allows specification of imaging parameters and aperture definitions for single exposure images (single item sequence) , integrated images (multiple item sequence) or multiple exposures (multiple item sequence). An integrated image is a single-frame image (no Cine or Multi-frame Module present) with multiple items in the Exposure Sequence. A Referenced Frame Number (0008,1160) is not provided. A multiple exposure image can be expressed as a multi-frame image containing either a single frame, or more than one frame. Referenced Frame Number (0008,1160) shall be specified for each Exposure Sequence item for multiple exposure images expressed using more than one frame.

Many of the attributes referring to beam parameters can be present both inside the Exposure Sequence (3002,0030) and outside the sequence. When a specific attribute is present inside the sequence, that attribute shall supersede the attribute found outside the Exposure Sequence (3002,0030). For any item in the sequence, if the attribute is not present, the value of the attribute (if specified) outside the sequence shall be used.