C. Reference Point for calibration of beta emitting isotopes

For beta emitting isotopes, the Source Strength (300A,022B) shall be defined at reference point (r0,θ0), where r0 is the radial distance of 2 mm from the source longitudinal axis, and θ0 is the angle of 90 degrees between the source longitudinal axis and the line defined by the center of the source and the reference point. Refer to:

• IEC 60601-2-17 (Medical electrical equipment - Particular requirements for the safety of automatically-controlled brachytherapy afterloading equipment), where the beta source strength is defined as: ABSORBED DOSE RATE [Gy s-1] in water at 2 mm along the perpendicular bisector from a RADIOACTIVE SOURCE emitting beta RADIATION.

• Nath et. al.: Intravascular brachytherapy physics: Report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group No. 60, Med. Phys 26 (2) Feb 1999, pp 119-152.