C. Meterset calculations

The Meterset at a given Control Point is equal to the Beam Meterset (300A,0086) specified in the Referenced Beam Sequence (300C,0004) of the RT Fraction Scheme Module, multiplied by the Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,0134) for the Control Point, divided by the Final Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,010E). The Meterset is specified in units defined by Primary Dosimeter Unit (300A,00B3). If the calculation for Meterset results in a meterset value which is not an exact multiple of the primary meterset resolution, then the result shall be rounded to the nearest allowed meterset value (i.e. less than a half resolution unit shall be rounded down to the nearest resolution unit, and equal or greater than half a resolution unit shall be rounded up to the nearest resolution unit).

Note also that if Final Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,010E) is equal to 100, then Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,0134) becomes equivalent to the percentage of Beam Meterset (300A,0086) delivered at each control point. If Final Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,010E) is equal to Beam Meterset (300A,0086), then the Cumulative Meterset Weight (300A,0134) at each control point becomes equal to the cumulative Meterset delivered at that control point.