C.8.7.7 X-Ray Tomography Acquisition Module

This Module describes the attributes of a Tomography acquisition (translation of X-Ray source during the acquisition of a single frame image).


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Tomo Layer Height (0018,1460) 1 Distance in mm between the table surface and the sharp image plane.
Tomo Angle (0018,1470) 3 Angle span in degrees of rotation of X-Ray Source during X-Ray acquisition.
Tomo Time (0018,1480) 3 Time in seconds the source has taken to rotate the Tomo Angle during X-Ray acquisition.
Tomo Type (0018,1490) 3 Type of tomography. Defined Terms: LINEAR SPIRAL POLYCYCLOIDAL CIRCULAR
Tomo Class (0018,1491) 3 Form of tomography: Defined Terms: MOTION TOMOSYNTHESIS
Number of Tomosynthesis Source Images (0018,1495) 3 The number of source images used to construct this tomosynthetic image. Only meaningful if Tomo Class (0018,1491) is TOMOSYNTHESIS. These may be listed in Source Image Sequence (0008,2112) of the General Image Module.