C. Positioner Angle Increments

If the positioner angles change during acquisition of a multi-frame image, the Positioner Angle Increment attributes describe the angular change per frame.

If the change in positioner angle is nominally constant for each frame, these fields may contain a single value of the average angular change per frame. Alternatively, the fields may contain a vector of offsets from the (initial) Positioner Angle attributes, with one value for each frame in the multi-frame image. The number of values in the Positioner Angle Increment attributes must be one, or must be equal to the Number of Frames attribute (0028,0008) in the Multi-Frame Module (see Section C.7.6.6).

Note: It is permissible to generate a vector of the absolute positioner angles in the Positioner Angle Increment attributes, and set the Positioner Primary and Secondary Angle attributes to value 0.