C. Frame Dimension Pointer

Frame Dimension Pointer (0028,000A) identifies attributes that vary or increment with each frame, and which are clinically significant for viewing or processing the image. This is intended for SOP Instances whose preferred clinical presentation is dependent on frame relationships other than simply time.

Defined Terms for multiframe cine from the Cine Module (see C.7.6.5) are:

00181063H = Frame Time (0018,1063)00181065H = Frame Time Vector (0018,1065)

Defined Terms for rotational acquisition from the XA Positioner Module (see C.8.7.5) are:

00181520H = Positioner Primary Angle Increment (0018,1520)00181521H = Positioner Secondary Angle Increment (0018,1521)

Defined Terms for stepped acquisition from the X-Ray Table Module (see C.8.7.4) are:

00181135H = Table Vertical Increment (0018,1135)00181137H = Table Longitudinal Increment (0018,1137)00181136H = Table Lateral Increment (0018,1136)

Defined Terms for an arbitrary labeled increment:

00182002H = Frame Label Vector (0018,2002)

Notes: 1. Previous editions of the standard did not include the optional Frame Dimension Pointer (0028,000A), but instead depended entirely on the mandatory Frame Increment Pointer (0028,0009), and envisaged that only time and no other dimension would relate frames. Image creators that add the Frame Dimension Pointer (0028,000A) must anticipate that many implementations will ignore or discard this attribute when displaying or storing images and continue to assume that frames are temporally related.

2. Frame Time (0018,1063) or Frame Time Vector (0018,1065) will also be present and will contain appropriate values consistent with the times of acquisition of the frames.