C.8.6.2 SC Image Module

Table C.8-25 contains IOD Attributes that describe Secondary Capture Images.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Date of Secondary Capture (0018,1012) 3 The date the Secondary Capture Image was captured.
Time of Secondary Capture (0018,1014) 3 The time the Secondary Capture Image was captured.
Nominal Scanned Pixel Spacing (0018,2010) 3 Physical distance on the media being digitized or scanned between the center of each pixel, specified by a numeric pair - adjacent row spacing (delimiter) adjacent column spacing in mm. See for further explanation of the value order. Shall be consistent with Pixel Aspect Ratio (0028,0034), if present.
Document Class Code Sequence (0040,E008) 3 Classifications of a scanned document, e.g., for Modality (0008,0060) DOC. Equivalent to HL7 v2.x TXA-2. One or more items are permitted in this sequence.
>Include ‘Code Sequence Macro’ Table 8.8-1 No Baseline Context Group
Include Basic Pixel Spacing Calibration Macro (Table 10-10)

Note: The Attributes specified in the General Image Module (see Table C.7-7) describe this image (ie. the secondary capture image). For example, Instance Number (0020,0013) is the image number of the secondary capture image. Source Image Sequence (0008,2112) may reference the DICOM image from which this image was generated.