C. View Code Sequence

The view of the patient anatomy may be described using coded terminology in the View Code Sequence (0054,0220). The view is typically specified by transducer position relative to the patient anatomy and/or transducer orientation,

The view may be described by a single Code Sequence Item, or by combination of post-coordinated Code Sequence Items. The principal coded item is specified in View Code Sequence, and modifier terms in the View Modifier Code Sequence (0054,0222). The Baseline Context IDs for post-coordinated encoding of view are:

Any of these Context Groups may be used in either the View Code Sequence or the View Modifier Code Sequence.

For cardiac imaging, a Baseline Context ID with pre-coordinated view codes is specified:

Note: Transducer Position Sequence (0008,2240) and Transducer Orientation Sequence (0008,2244), defined in this module in an earlier edition of the Standard (see PS3.3-2004), are retired.