C. Region Data Type

Enumerated Values for Region Data Type (0018,6014) indicate the type of data within the region.

Value Meaning Value Meaning
0000H None or not applicable 0001H Tissue
0002H Color Flow 0003H PW Spectral Doppler
0004H CW Spectral Doppler 0005H Doppler Mean Trace
0006H Doppler Mode Trace 0007H Doppler Max Trace
0008H Volume Trace 0009H d(volume)/dt Trace
000AH ECG Trace 000BH Pulse Trace
000CH Phonocardiogram Trace 000DH Gray bar
000EH Color bar 000FH Integrated Backscatter
0010H Area Trace 0011H d(area)/dt
0012H Other Physiological (Amplitude vs. Time) input