C. Table of Pixel Values

The Table of Pixel Values (0018,6058) specifies the pixel values that are mapped to real world parameter values or coded concepts (tissue characterizations). The number of entries in the table is given by Number of Table Entries (0018,6056).

A pixel is calibrated (mapped to a real-world value) by finding an entry in the Table of Pixel Values that matches its Composite Pixel Code (see Section C. The offset index of this entry is used as an index into the Parameter Value Table (0018,605A) or as a sequence item number in the Pixel Value Mapping Code Sequence (0040,9098) to select the real world value. The first Table of Pixel Values entry corresponds to sequence item 1.

Note: If a Composite Pixel Code has no matching value in the Pixel Value Table then there is no unambiguous way to determine the corresponding Parameter Value. A method may exist to determine a valid Parameter Value but the specification of such a method is outside the scope of the DICOM standard. No assumption should be made that linear interpolation will produce a valid result.