C.8.4.14 NM Phase Module

Table C.8-14 contains Attributes that describe dynamic phases of a dynamic acquisition image performed on the patient. This module is present only when Image Type (0008,0008), Value 3, is equal to DYNAMIC. A phase is defined as a collection of frames in which the acquisition time per frame and the time delay between frames remains constant. A new phase shall be defined whenever there is a change in the time between frames, the acquisition time per frame, or the position of the patient relative to the detector.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Phase Information Sequence (0054,0032) 2C Sequence of Items that describes each dynamic phase. Required if the Frame Increment Pointer (0028,0009) contains the Tag for Phase Vector (0054,0030). Zero or more Items shall be included in this sequence. The number of items shall be equal to Number of Phases (0054,0031). The first item corresponds to frames with value of 1 in the Phase Vector (0054,0030), the second item with value 2, etc.
>Phase Delay (0054,0036) 1 Time paused between the last frame of the previous phase and the first frame of this phase, in msec.
>Actual Frame Duration (0018,1242) 1 Nominal time of acquisition per individual frame, in msec.
>Pause Between Frames (0054,0038) 1 Time paused between each frame of this phase (in msec).
>Number of Frames in Phase (0054,0033) 1 Number of frames in this phase.
>Trigger Vector (0054,0210) 3 An array of trigger times when gating information is acquired simultaneously with the dynamic image data. See Section C. for further explanation.
>Number of Triggers in Phase (0054,0211) 1C The number of entries in the Trigger Vector (0054,0210) for this phase. Required if Trigger Vector (0054,0210) is present.
>Phase Description (0054,0039) 3 Description of this phase of the Dynamic image. Defined Terms: FLOW WASHOUT UPTAKE EMPTYING EXCRETION

C. NM Phase Module Attributes Description

C. Trigger Vector

Trigger Vector (0054,0210) is an array containing a list of the inter-trigger interval times in milliseconds in the order in which they were acquired, with the first being measured from the start time of the first frame of the image data in the Phase. If this element is used, the start times are required to be the same so that a mathematical correlation can be made between trigger times and frame start times.