C. Intravascular OCT Frame Content Macro

Table C. specifies the attributes of the Intravascular OCT Frame Content Functional Group.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Intravascular OCT Frame Content Sequence (0052,0029) 1 A sequence that describes a general description of this image or frame. Only a single Item shall be included in this sequence.
>OCT Z Offset Correction (0052,0030) 1 The amount to shift the frame along the axial direction, in pixels, to correct for interferometer path-length mismatch. See section C. for further explanation.
>Seam Line Index (0052,0036) 1 The A-line number (zero index) that coincides with the seam line as indicated with the First A-line Location (0052,0034) attribute.
>Number of Padded A-lines (0052,0038) 1C The number of padded A-lines contained in the FOR PROCESSING image frame. Required if the FOR PROCESSING image contains padded A-lines. See section C. for further explanation.

C. OCT Z Offset Correction

OCT Z Offset Correction (0052,0030) specifies the number of pixels to shift the A-lines of the frame to correct for the path length difference between the OCT Sample arm and Reference arm (in air). A positive value of Z Offset correction means pixels are shifted further away from the catheter optics. A negative value of Z Offset correction means pixels are shifted closer to the catheter optics. See Figure C.8.27-2


Figure C.8.27-2 OCT Z Offset Correction Example

C. A-line Padding

Padded A-lines shall not be used in FOR PRESENTATION frames. Padded A-lines shall only be encoded in the high order rows of the FOR PROCESSING frame and shall be contiguous. Padded A-lines may contain arbitrary pixel values.