C. Intravascular Frame Content Macro

Table C. specifies the attributes of the Intravascular Frame Content Functional Group.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Intravascular Frame Content Sequence (0052,0027) 1 A sequence that describes a general description of this image or frame. Only a single Item shall be included in this sequence.
>Intravascular Longitudinal Distance (0052,0028) 1C Longitudinal distance in millimeters between this frame and the previous acquired frame. Positive values indicate movement is from Distal to Proximal (pull back). Negative values indicate movement is from Proximal to Distal (push forward). Required if Intravascular Acquisition (0018,3100) equals MEASURED.
>Seam Line Location (0052,0033) 2C Clockwise rotational orientation (in degrees) at which the seam line in the frame is displayed, relative to vertical (zero degrees). Required if Presentation Intent Type (0008,0068) equals FOR PRESENTATION.