C.8.27.3 Intravascular OCT Acquisition Parameters Module

Table C.8.27.3-1 describes the parameters used to acquire an Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography image.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
OCT Focal Distance (0052,0002) 2 Distance from focal point to center of catheter, in mm (measured in air).
Beam Spot Size (0052,0003) 2 The full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the point spread function (PSF) or line spread function (LSF), in µm (measured in air). Also known as Transverse Resolution.
Effective Refractive Index (0052,0004) 2C Index of refraction of the tissue and flush medias used during the Intravascular OCT acquisition. Required if Presentation Intent Type (0008,0068) is FOR PROCESSING. May be present otherwise.
OCT Acquisition Domain (0052,0006) 1 The type of OCT acquisition domain. Defined Terms: TIME FREQUENCY SPECTRAL
OCT Optical Center Wavelength (0052,0007) 2 Center optical wavelength of the OCT light source, in µm.
Axial Resolution (0052,0008) 2 The full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the axial plane response function, in µm (measured in air)
Ranging Depth (0052,0009) 1 Maximum detectable sample-to-reference path displacement, in mm (measured in air). This is the radius of the FOR PRESENTATION image in air. Note: Ranging Depth is distinct from Penetration Depth, which is the depth to which one can obtain an OCT signal in tissue.
A-line Rate (0052,0011) 1 The number of IVOCT A-lines acquired per second in Hz.
A-lines Per Frame (0052,0012) 1 Number of A-lines acquired in an IVOCT frame, including unused (padded) A-lines. Note: Will be the same as Rows (0028,0010) for a FOR PROCESSING image.