C.8.25.7 General Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements Module

Table C.8.25.7-1 defines the General Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements module attributes.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Instance Number (0020,0013) 1 A number that identifies these measurements.
Content Date (0008,0023) 1 The date the measurements data creation started.
Content Time (0008,0033) 1 The time the measurements data creation started.
Referenced Refractive Measurements Sequence (0046,0145) 2C A sequence that specifies Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements SOP Instances that are relevant to the interpretation of this SOP Instance. Zero or more items shall be included in this sequence. See section C. for further explanation. Required if Visual Acuity Type Code Sequence (0046,0121) is present. May be present otherwise.
>Include ‘SOP Instance Reference Macro’ Table 10-11

C. General Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements Module Attributes

C. Referenced Refractive Measurements Sequence

Whenever visual acuity is measured it is necessary to know the conditions under which it was measured. If the vision was measured with the patient's habitual correction in place, this attribute is used to reference a lensometry measurements SOP instance for the current glasses. If the measurements are of the patient's best-corrected vision, this attribute may reference the SOP instance that describes the correction that resulted in that vision, which may for example be the subjective refraction, or the autorefraction.

This attribute enables a receiver of this SOP instance to identify the results of measurements from a lensometer, autorefractor, or automated phoropter (subjective refraction) that are relevant to interpretation.