C. Cylinder Sequence Macro

Table C. describes the attributes for the Cylinder Sequence Macro


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Cylinder Sequence (0046,0018) 1C A sequence that specifies lens measurements to correct for astigmatism or measurements of an eye that has astigmatism. Required if astigmatic correction or astigmatism is measured. Only a single item shall be included in this sequence. Note: When astigmatism is present the power is NOT the same in all meridians, but has its minimum and maximum power in meridians separated by 90 degrees.
>Cylinder Power (0046,0147) 1 The power that is present at the power meridian (90 degrees from the axis), in diopters.
>Cylinder Axis (0022,0009) 1 The meridian, defined in degrees, that is 90 degrees from the power meridian.