C. Transducer Description

The following elements together describe the type of transducer used to acquire the image. These are characteristics of the transducer itself rather than its specific use in the acquisition of this image. In other words, these attribute values are determined from the construction and design of the transducer and a given transducer generally has the same values of these attributes in every image it is used to create.

The shape of the acoustic scan field the transducer is capable of.

The physical scan aperture from which acoustic pulses are emitted and received.

The method used to steer acoustic beam.

The placement on the subject for which the transducer is designed.

Each probe model has a unique set of values of these attributes. For example, these sample probes have the following characteristics which are encoded in the attributes above:


Model Scan Pattern Geometry Beam Steering Application
Pedoff CW Line NonImaging Fixed direction External
Phased array sector probe Plane Sector Phased External
Steerable TEE Plane Sector Phased, Mechanical Transesophogeal
Curved Linear Abdominal Plane Curved Linear Phased External
Endovaginal Plane Curved Linear Phased Endovaginal
Mechanical 3D Volume Sector Phased, Mechanical External
Phased 3D Volume Sector Phased External
Endovaginal 3D Volume Curved Linear Phased, Mechanical Endovaginal