C.8.19.3 XA/XRF Acquisition Module

Table C.8.19.3-1 specifies the attributes of the XA/XRF Acquisition Module.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
KVP (0018,0060) 1 Average of the peak kilo voltage outputs of the X-Ray generator used for all frames.
Radiation Setting (0018,1155) 1 Identify the general level of X-Ray dose exposure. Enumerated values are: SC = low dose exposure generally corresponding to fluoroscopic settings (e.g. preparation for diagnostic quality image acquisition); GR = high dose for diagnostic quality image acquisition (also called digital spot or cine);
X-Ray Tube Current in mA (0018,9330) 1C Average of the nominal X-Ray tube currents in milliamperes for all frames. Required if Exposure in mAs (0018,9332) is not present. May be present otherwise.
Exposure Time in ms (0018,9328) 1C Duration of X-Ray exposure in milliseconds. See C. Required if Exposure in mAs (0018,9332) is not present. May be present otherwise.
Exposure in mAs (0018,9332) 1C The exposure expressed in milliampereseconds, for example calculated from Exposure Time and X-Ray Tube Current. Required if either Exposure Time in ms (0018,9328) or X-Ray Tube Current in mA (0018,9330) are not present. May be present otherwise.
Average Pulse Width (0018,1154) 1 Average width of X-Ray pulse in msec.
Acquisition Duration (0018,9073) 1 The time in seconds needed for the complete acquisition. See C. for further explanation
Radiation Mode (0018,115A) 1 Specifies X-Ray radiation mode. Defined Terms: CONTINUOUS PULSED
Focal Spot (0018,1190) 3 Nominal focal spot size in mm used to acquire this image.
Anode Target Material (0018,1191) 3 The primary material in the anode of the X-Ray source. Defined Terms: TUNGSTEN MOLYBDENUM RHODIUM
Rectification Type (0018,1156) 3 Type of rectification used in the X-Ray generator. Defined Terms: SINGLE PHASE THREE PHASE CONST POTENTIAL
X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) 1 Identifies with type of X-Ray receptor is used. Enumerated Values: IMG_INTENSIFIER DIGITAL_DETECTOR
Distance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing (0018,9426) 2 Distance in mm between the receptor plane and the detector housing. The direction of the distance is positive from receptor plane to X-Ray source. Note: 1. A negative value is allowed in the case of an image intensifier the receptor plane can be a virtual plane located outside the detector housing depending the magnification factor of the intensifier. A negative value is not applicable for the digital detector. 2. Used to calculate the pixel size of the plane in the patient when markers are used, and they are placed on the detector housing.
Positioner Type (0018,1508) 1 Defined Terms: CARM COLUMN Notes: 1. The term CARM can apply to any positioner with 2 degrees of freedom of rotation of the X-Ray beam about the Imaging Subject. 2. The term COLUMN can apply to any positioner with 1 degree of freedom of rotation of the X-Ray beam about the Imaging Subject.
C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship (0018,9474) 1C Describes for C-arm positioner type systems if positioner and tabletop has the same geometrical reference system. Enumerated Values: YES NO Note: The value NO is intended for mobile systems where there is no table fixed to the system Required if Positioner Type (0018,1508) equals CARM.
Acquired Image Area Dose Product (0018,9473) 2 X-Ray dose, measured in dGy*cm*cm, to which the patient was exposed for the acquisition of this image only. Notes: 1. The sum of the Image Area Dose Product of all images of a Series or a Study may not result in the actual area dose product to which the patient was exposed. 2. This may be an estimated value based on assumptions about the patient’s body size and habitus.