C.8.17.5 Ocular Region Imaged Module

Table C.8.17.5-1 contains IOD Attributes that describe the anatomy contained in an Ophthalmic Photography or Ophthalmic Tomography IOD.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Image Laterality (0020,0062) 1 Laterality of object imaged (as described in Anatomic Region Sequence (0008,2218)) examined. Enumerated Values: R = right eye L = left eye B = both left and right eye Shall be consistent with any laterality information contained in Primary Anatomic Structure Modifier Sequence (0008,2230), if present. Note: Laterality (0020,0060) is a Series level Attribute and must be the same for all Images in the Series. Since most Ophthalmic Photographic Image studies contain images of both eyes, the series level attribute will rarely be present.
Relative Image Position Code Sequence (0022,001D) 3 The position of this image on the retina (as defined by a specified nomenclature; the nomenclature is implicit in the code used). Only a single Item is permitted in this sequence.
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