C. Volumetric Properties

The value of the Volumetric Properties attribute (0008,9206) allows applications doing geometric manipulations (e.g., MAX_IP or MPR or planning) to determine if the image is an appropriate candidate for an operation without having to know all the details of the generating application.

Table C.8-133 specifies the Enumerated Values for the Volumetric Properties (0008,9206) attribute.


Enumerated Value Name Enumerated Value Description
VOLUME Image contains pixels that represent the volume specified for the image (Examples: Volume Based Calculation Technique (0008,9207) is NONE or MPR).
SAMPLED The specified frame or each frame within the image will not contain a representation of the average information in the slice direction because the frame was calculated by the non-linear re-sampling of a volume where each pixels of the resulting frame does not contain an average representation of the voxel represented by the frame's pixel. For example a projection (MAX_IP) frame uses the maximum value along a ray for each pixel rather than the average value of the represented voxel.
DISTORTED Image contains significantly distorted information from what is specified by the image volume attributes. For example this image should not be used in planning or for 3D volume. An example of this image type is a curved reformatted image (CURVED_MPR).
MIXED Used only as a value in the Volumetric Properties (0008,9206) attribute in the Enhanced MR Image Type Module or Enhanced CT Image Type Module if frames within the image SOP Instance contain different values for the Volumetric Properties (0008,9206) attributes in the MR Image Frame Type Functional Group or CT Frame Type Functional Group.