C. Derived Pixel Contrast

Value 4 shall be used to indicate derived pixel contrast - generally, contrast created by combining or processing images with the same geometry. Value 4 shall have a value of NONE when Value 1 is ORIGINAL.

Note: If more than one of the following derived types is applicable, then it is up to the generating application to specify the value that best characterizes the derived image.

Value 4 of Image Type (0008,0008) and Value 4 of Frame Type (0008,9007) shall not be zero length.

Table C.8-130 specifies the Defined Terms for Value 4 for Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) that are common to CT and MR. Additional defined terms are defined in the modality-specific Module and Macro definitions.


Defined Term Name Defined Term Description
ADDITION Created through Pixel by pixel addition operation
DIVISION Created through Pixel by pixel division operation
MASKED Created through Pixel by pixel masking operation
MAXIMUM Created through Pixel by Pixel Maximum operation
MEAN Created through Pixel by pixel mean operation
MINIMUM Created through Pixel by Pixel Minimum operation
MTT Mean Transit Time
MULTIPLICATION Created through Pixel by pixel multiplication operation
RCBF Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF)
RCBV Regional Cerebral Blood Volume (rCBV)
RESAMPLED Pixels have been spatially re-sampled, e.g., MPR
STD_DEVIATION Standard Deviation
SUBTRACTION Created through Pixel by pixel subtraction operation
T_TEST Student’s T-Test
TTP Time To Peak map
Z_SCORE Z-Score Map
NONE Not a calculated image
MIXED Used only as value in Image Type (0008,0008) if frames within the image SOP Instance contain different values for value 4 in their Frame Type (0008,9007) attribute.