C. Image Flavor

Value 3 is an overall representation of the image type. This value may be a summary of several other attributes or a duplication of one of the other attributes to indicate the most important aspect of this image. Value 3 Image Flavor is to be used with Value 4 Derived Pixel Contrast to indicate the nature of the image set.

Note: For example Value 3 = DIFFUSION together with Value 4 = NONE indicates that the image set was originally collected for DIFFUSION.

If Value 3 = DIFFUSION together with Value 4 = DIFFUSION this indicates that the object contains DIFFUSION weighted post processed images.

Value 3 of Image Type (0008,0008) shall not be zero length.

Value 3 of Frame Type (0008,9007) may have the same value as found in Value 3 of Image Type (0008,0008), or may have a different value or may be of zero length.

The attribute value may not be MIXED as this value needs to be a summary of the primary purpose of the images, whether the frames have the same value or not.

Table C.8-129 specifies the Defined Terms for Value 3 for Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) that are common to CT and MR. Additional defined terms are defined in the modality-specific Module and Macro definitions.


Defined Term Name Defined Term Description
ANGIO Collected for the purpose of angiography
CARDIAC Images of the heart
CARDIAC_GATED Cardiac gated images, other than of the heart
CARDRESP_GATED Cardiac and respiratory gated images
DYNAMIC An image in which the same anatomical volume is imaged at multiple times in order to capture images of a non-cyclic, time varying event. For example, imaging of the uptake of a tracer or contrast in a specific organ over time. Note: This is different from gating techniques, in which the same anatomical volume is imaged during some portion of a cyclic event , e.g. inspiration or R-R Interval.
FLUOROSCOPY Real-time collection of single slices (e.g. CT or MR Fluoroscopy)
LOCALIZER Collected for the purpose of planning other images.
MOTION Collected for looking at body motion
PERFUSION Collected for the purposes of perfusion calculations.
PRE_CONTRAST Collected before contrast was administered
POST_CONTRAST Collected during or after contrast was administered
RESP_GATED Respiratory gated images
REST Cardiac rest image set
STATIC A group of frames at varying spatial locations acquired at the same time.
STRESS Cardiac stress image set
VOLUME Set of frames that define a regularly sampled volume
NON_PARALLEL Set of frames that are not parallel
PARALLEL Set of frames that are parallel but do not constitute a regularly sampled volume
WHOLE_BODY A group of frames of the whole body; the frames may be acquired at various times (as distinct from STATIC).