C. Pixel Data Characteristics

Value 1 of Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) shall use one of the following Enumerated Values from Table C.8-127.

Value 1 of Image Type (0008,0008) and Value 1 of Frame Type (0008,9007) shall not be zero length.


Enumerated Value Name Enumerated Value Description
ORIGINAL An image or frame is original if its pixel data was directly reconstructed from the original data that is obtained from the sensors of the imaging equipment, Image Type (0008,0008) Value 4 is NONE, and Volume Based Calculation Technique (0008,9207) is NONE. Notes: (1) For MR, original data is data directly reconstructed from k-space data. (2) For CT, original frames are those directly reconstructed from projection data.
DERIVED An image or frame is derived if its pixel data was calculated from original or other derived pixel data (i.e. it is not original).
MIXED Used only as a value in Image Type (0008,0008) if frames within the SOP Instance contain different values for Value 1 in their Frame Type (0008,9007).