C. Acquisition Contrast

Table C.8-86 specifies the Defined Terms for Acquisition Contrast attribute (0008,9209).


Defined Term Name Defined Term Description
DIFFUSION Diffusion weighted contrast
FLOW_ENCODED Flow Encoded contrast
FLUID_ATTENUATED Fluid Attenuated T2 weighted contrast
PERFUSION Perfusion weighted contrast
PROTON_DENSITY Proton Density weighted contrast
STIR Short Tau Inversion Recovery
TAGGING Superposition of thin saturation bands onto image
T1 T1 weighted contrast
T2 T2 weighted contrast
T2_STAR T2* weighted contrast
TOF Time Of Flight weighted contrast
UNKNOWN Value should be UNKNOWN if acquisition contrasts were combined resulting in an unknown contrast. Also this value should be used when the contrast is not known.
MIXED Used only as a value in Acquisition Contrast (0008,9209) attribute in the Enhanced MR Image Type Module if frames within the image SOP Instance contain different values for the Acquisition Contrast attribute in the MR Frame Type Functional Group.