C. MR Image and Spectroscopy Instance Macro Attribute Description

C. Content Qualification

Content Qualification (0018,9004) shall have the value PRODUCT if the content (image or Spectroscopy data) was produced with approved hardware and software. It shall have the value RESEARCH or SERVICE if there is any doubt as to whether the content was produced with approved hardware and software.

If data with Content Qualification (0018,9004) of RESEARCH or SERVICE is used to derive other content then it is expected that this derived content will also have Content Qualification (0018,9004) set to RESEARCH or SERVICE.

The intent of this element is to allow annotation of an advisory message that indicates that this content may not be suitable for clinical interpretation.

C. Evidence Sequence Attributes

The intent of the Referenced Image Evidence Sequence (0008,9092) and Source Image Evidence Sequence (0008,9154) is to provide a list of all unique SOP Instances listed in the Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) and Source Image Sequence (0008,2112) attributes respectively.