C. Illumination Type Code Sequence

Illumination Type Code Sequence (0022,0016) specifies the type of illumination of the imaging target. This attribute may include multiple Items, as some techniques may involve multiple methods, or some method identifiers may not be completely descriptive.

Note: For example, this attribute might include two items, (111741, DCM, “Transmission illumination”) and (111748, DCM, “Differential interference contrast”) to indicate “Transmission DIC”.

The type of illumination often prescribes the set of optical path components such as filters and prisms, and their arrangement in the optical path.

Note: For instance, phase contrast illumination will utilize a condenser annulus and a phase contrast plate; this may be indicated by an item (111747, DCM, “Phase contrast illumination”) in this attribute, but with no further specification in the filters and lenses identification attributes.