C.8.11.6 Mammography Series Module

Table C.8-73 specifies the Attributes which identify and describe general information about a Digital Mammography Series.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Modality (0008,0060) 1 Type of equipment that originally acquired the data used to create the images in this Series. Enumerated Value: MG See section C. for further explanation.
Request Attributes Sequence (0040,0275) 3 Sequence that contains attributes from the Imaging Service Request. One or more Items are permitted in this sequence.
>Include Request Attributes Macro Table 10-9 For Reason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence (0040,100A) the Baseline Context IDs are 6051 and 6055. No Baseline Context IDs are defined for other Attributes. Note: For example, Reason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence (0040,100A) may be used to convey whether the images in the Series were taken for screening or diagnostic purposes, if the information cannot be found in Reason For Performed Procedure Code Sequence (0040,1012) in the General Study Module.