C.8.1.1 CR Series Module

Table C.8-1 contains IOD Attributes that describe a computed radiography series performed on the patient.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Body Part Examined (0018,0015) 2 Text description of the part of the body examined. See PS 3.16 Annexes on Correspondence of Anatomic Region Codes and Body Part Examined for Humans and for Animals for Defined Terms
View Position (0018,5101) 2 Radiographic view associated with Patient Position (0018,5100). Defined Terms for humans: AP = Anterior/Posterior PA = Posterior/Anterior LL = Left Lateral RL = Right Lateral RLD = Right Lateral Decubitus LLD = Left Lateral Decubitus RLO = Right Lateral Oblique LLO = Left Lateral Oblique For animals, capitalized versions with hypens replaced by underscores of the abbreviations defined in “Smallwood et al. A Nomenclature For Radiographic Projections Used In Veterinary Medicine” shall be used. See PS 3.16 CID 7484 DX View for Animals, in which these abbreviations are listed. Notes: 1. For example, the Defined Term “CD10DI_CRPRO” would be used for a “Cd10Di-CrPrO” or “caudal 10-degree distal-cranioproximal oblique”. 2. The Code String value representation for this attribute constrains the characters to uppercase, digits and underscore.
Filter Type (0018,1160) 3 Label for the type of filter inserted into the x-ray beam
Collimator/grid Name (0018,1180) 3 Label describing any grid inserted.
Focal Spot (0018,1190) 3 Size of the focal spot in mm. For devices with variable focal spot or multiple focal spots, small dimension followed by large dimension.
Plate Type (0018,1260) 3 Label of the type of storage phosphor plates used in this series
Phosphor Type (0018,1261) 3 Label of type of phosphor on the plates