C. Linear Segment Type

The linear segment represents a series of palette components whose values may be represented by a straight line.

X = palette address, Y = Value contained in the palette.

(Xo, Yo) = end of the previous segment

(Xo + SegmentLength, Y1) = end of this linear segment

Where: Y1 is contained in the data portion of this segment.

During expansion, the application should “connect” the previous segment’s endpoint, (Xo, Yo), with this segment’s endpoint, (Xo + SegmentLength, Y1) using a straight line, by computing the values for each point between the endpoints.

Note: Because the linear segment uses the end point from the previous segment, a linear segment can not be the first segment.

The linear segment’s format shall be as as in Table C.7-26:


Segment Opcode = 1