C. Specimen Preparation Sequence and Specimen Preparation Step Content Item Sequence

Interpretation of specimen images requires information about the source of the specimen and its preparation (e.g., sampling, fixation, staining). The processing steps used to prepare a specimen are recorded in the Specimen Preparation Sequence (0040,0610). This sequence may include one Item for each processing step (as defined in the laboratory workflow) in the history of the specimen, and those Items are composed of a set of Content Items in the Specimen Preparation Step Content Item Sequence (0040,0612).

The Specimen Preparation Sequence may include description of the original part collected from the patient, the processing of that part, the sampling of tissue from the part and the preparation of that sample, and the further sub-sampling and processing of the tissue. In other words, the description of a specfic specimen may include descriptions of the specimen’s ancestors.

The Specimen Preparation Sequence Items shall be in ascending chronological order.