C. Dimension Organization UID

The Dimension Organization UID (0020,9164) value identifies a set of dimensions to which an Item of the Dimension Index Sequence (0020,9222) belongs.

When different SOP Instances share the same Dimension Organization UID (0020,9164) for a particular Item of the Dimension Index Sequence (0020,9222), equivalent indices from the corresponding Dimension Index Values (0020,9157) shall have the same meaning across the SOP Instances.

This mechanism allows an image creator to explicitly specify that indices are intended to convey identical information across SOP Instances.

The Dimension Organization Sequence attribute (0020,9221) contains a summary of all the Dimension Organization UID (0020,9164) values used in a SOP Instance.

Note: Figure C.7.6.17-2 illustrates how this is used for a SOP Instance created by a multi-planar reformat application from a SOP Instance containing three Items in the Dimension Index Sequence. The meaning of the indices for Temporal Position Index (0020,9128), and MR Echo Sequence (0018,9114) were preserved in the derived SOP Instance, so it shares the Dimension Organization UID for these attributes with the original. Since the reformat was performed with a different orientation, the meaning of the In-Stack Position Number (0020,9057) was not preserved. Therefore a new Dimension Organization UID (0020,9164) was created.

[pic] Figure C.7.6.17-2 Example of use of Dimension Organization Module