C. Referenced Image Macro

Table C.7.6.16-6 specifies the attributes of the Referenced Image Functional Group macro.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) 2 The set of images or other composite SOP Instances used to plan the acquisition, if any, and other significant related images. See Section C. for further explanation. Zero or more Items shall be included in this Sequence.
>Include ‘Image SOP Instance Reference Macro’ Table 10-3
>Purpose of Reference Code Sequence (0040,A170) 1 Describes the purpose for which the reference is made. Only a single Item shall be included in this sequence. See C. for further explanation.
>>Include ‘Code Sequence Macro’ Table 8.8-1 Defined CID 7201.

C. Use of Referenced Image Macro

Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) shall be used to identify other data objects used to plan the acquisition of this image. Instances referenced for this purpose shall have the same Frame of Reference UID (0020,0052) as this image. For each Item that contains such a reference, the value of the Purpose of Reference Code Sequence (0040,A170) shall be (”121311”, DCM, ”Localizer"). Applications can use the Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) in combination with data in Plane Position (Patient) and Plane Orientation (Patient) Macros to provide projections of the position of an image with respect to the referenced image.

The Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) may also be present when references to other images (or frames within other images) are required for other reasons, as specified by Purpose of Reference Code Sequence (0040,A170).

Note: An Image may contain references to itself (e.g. to other frames within itself).