C. Contrast/Bolus Usage Macro

Table C.7.16-13 specifies the attributes of the Contrast/Bolus Usage macro.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Contrast/Bolus Usage Sequence (0018,9341) 1 Contains the attributes describing the use of contrast for this frame. One or more Items shall be included in this sequence.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Number (0018,9337) 1 Identifying number corresponding to the agent described in the Enhanced Contrast/Bolus Module.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered (0018,9342) 1 The administration of the selected agent had begun by the time this frame was acquired. Enumerated Values: YES NO
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Detected (0018,9343) 2 The selected agent was detected in the frame. Enumerated Values: YES NO May only be zero length if the acquisition device is not capable of detecting the presence of this contrast agent in the frame.
>Contrast/Bolus Agent Phase (0018,9344) 2C Nominal phase of intravenous contrast administration. Defined terms: PRE_CONTRAST POST_CONTRAST IMMEDIATE DYNAMIC STEADY_STATE DELAYED ARTERIAL CAPILLARY VENOUS PORTAL_VENOUS Required if Contrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence (0018,0014) for the Contrast/Bolus Agent Number (0018,9337) defined in the Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence (0018,0012) is (G-D101, SRT, “Intravenous route”) or (G-D101, SNM3, “Intravenous route”); may be present otherwise. Note: SRT is the preferred designator for SNOMED, but SNM3 is allowed for backward compatibility. See PS3.16.