C. Pixel Measures Macro

Table C.7.6.16-2 specifies the attributes of the Pixel Measures Functional Group macro.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Pixel Measures Sequence (0028,9110) 1 Identifies the physical characteristics of the pixels of this frame. Only a single Item shall be included in this sequence.
>Pixel Spacing (0028,0030) 1C Physical distance in the imaging target (patient, specimen, or phantom) between the centers of each pixel, specified by a numeric pair - adjacent row spacing (delimiter) adjacent column spacing in mm. See for further explanation of the value order. Note: In the case of CT images with an Acquisition Type (0018,9302) of CONSTANT_ANGLE, the pixel spacing is that in a plane normal to the central ray of the diverging X-Ray beam as it passes through the data collection center. Required if Volumetric Properties (0008,9206) is other than DISTORTED or SAMPLED. May be present otherwise.
>Slice Thickness (0018,0050) 1C Nominal reconstructed slice thickness (for tomographic imaging) or depth of field (for optical non-tomographic imaging), in mm. See C. for further explanation. Note: Depth of field may be an extended depth of field created by focus stacking (see C.8.12.4). Required if Volumetric Properties (0008,9206) is VOLUME or SAMPLED. May be present otherwise.