C. Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence

The Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence Attribute (5200,9230) consists of a Sequence of Items. Each Item describes the frame of the same rank in the multi-frame pixel data. The first Item describes frame 1, the second Item describes frame 2, etc. Frames are implicitly numbered starting from 1. See Figure C.7.6.16-1.


Figure C.7.6.16-1A Graphical Presentation of the Multi-frame Functional Groups structure

C. SOP Instance UID of Concatenation Source

The SOP Instance UID of Concatenation Source (0020,0242) attribute contains the SOP Instance UID of the original, not concatenated, SOP Instance and does not change when a concatenation is created. It is independent of the Concatenation UID (0020,9161) because a SOP Instance can be divided into concatenations only during exchance and there can be more than one concatenation with different Concatenation UIDs of an original SOP Instance; see Figure C.7.6.16-2.

[pic]Figure C.7.6.16-2 SOP Instance UID of Concatenation Source