C.7.6.12 Device Module

Table C.7-18 describes the Attributes of devices or calibration objects (e.g., catheters, markers, baskets) that are associated with a study and/or image.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Device Sequence (0050,0010) 1 A sequence of items describing devices used that may be visible in the image. One or more Items shall be included in this Sequence.
>Include ‘Code Sequence Macro’ Table 8.8-1 Baseline CID 4051.
>Manufacturer (0008,0070) 3 Manufacturer of the device
>Manufacturer’s Model Name (0008,1090) 3 Manufacturer’s model name of the device
>Device Serial Number (0018,1000) 3 Manufacturer’s serial number of the device
>Device ID (0018,1003) 3 User-supplied identifier for the device
>Device Length (0050,0014) 3 Length in mm of device. See C.
>Device Diameter (0050,0016) 3 Unit diameter of device. See C.
>Device Diameter Units (0050,0017) 2C Required if Device Diameter (0050,0016) is present. Defined terms: FR = French GA = Gauge IN = Inch MM = Millimeter
>Device Volume (0050,0018) 3 Volume of device in ml. See C.
>Inter-Marker Distance (0050,0019) 3 Distance in mm between markers on calibrated device. See C.
>Device Description (0050,0020) 3 Further description in free form text describing the device.

C. Device Attribute Descriptions

C. Device Type and Size

Depending on the type of device specified by the Code Value (0008,0100) in an item of the Device Sequence (0050,0010), various device size attributes (e.g., Device Length (0050,0014), Device Diameter (0050,0016), Device Volume (0050,0018), Inter Marker Distance (0050,0019)) may be required to fully characterize the device.