C. Frame Of Reference UID

The Frame of Reference UID (0020,0052) shall be used to uniquely identify a frame of reference for a series. Each series shall have a single Frame of Reference UID. However, multiple Series within a Study may share a Frame of Reference UID. All images in a Series that share the same Frame of Reference UID shall be spatially related to each other.

Notes: 1. Previous versions of this Standard defined a Data Element "Location", which has been retired. Frame of Reference UID provides a completely unambiguous identification of the image location reference used to indicate position.

2. A common Frame of Reference UID may be used to spatially relate localizer images with a set of transverse images. However, in some cases (eg. multiple localizer images being related to a single set of transverse images) a common Frame of Reference UID may not be sufficient. The Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) provides an unambiguous method for relating localizer images.