C. Patient Breed Description and Code Sequence

The breed of an animal, if known, shall be encoded in either Patient Breed Description (0010,2292) or Patient Breed Code Sequence (0010,2293) or both.

In the case of a mixed breed, it shall be either:

  1. described in plain text in Patient Breed Description (0010,2292), e.g., “Border Collie American Bulldog mix”, or just “Mixed”, or

  2. coded as multiple specific breeds by composing the mix as multiple items of Patient Breed Code Sequence (0010,2293), e.g., (L-809A2,SRT,“Border Collie dog breed”) followed by (L-80974,SRT, “American Bulldog breed”), or

  3. encoded non-specifically with a code that means “mixed breed” of the appropriate species, as defined in CID 7482, which is included in CID 7480, e.g., (L-809DF,SRT,“Mixed breed dog”).

Note: The absence of a value for both Patient Breed Description (0010,2292) and Patient Breed Code Sequence (0010,2293) implies that the breed is unknown, not that it is mixed.