C.30.4.1 Patient Identification

For workitems which have a patient as the subject or context, the Patient ID, Issuer of Patient ID, Patient’s Name, Patient’s Sex and Patient’s Birth Date shall have appropriate values.

For workitems which have an identifiable subject that is not a patient, for example a phantom to be scanned or a display to be calibrated, the Patient ID shall be filled with an acceptable pseudo-patient value.

Note: For an object with a hospital asset control number or a manufacturer’s serial number, that number might be used as the Patient ID. The Issuer of Patient ID would identify the hospital asset control system or the device manufacturer. Alternatively, it is conceivable that a Patient ID could be generated by the ADT or the local John Doe procedure (to avoid conflicting with an ID assigned to a real patient).

The Patient Name might be set to CT^Phantom or ReadingRoom1Display.